VirtualBox Main API
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CIVirtualBoxErrorInfoExtended error information
 CIAdditionsFacilityStructure representing a Guest Additions facility
 CIApplianceRepresents a platform-independent appliance in OVF format
 CIAudioAdapterVirtual audio adapter of the virtual machine
 CIBandwidthControlControls the bandwidth groups of one machine used to cap I/O done by a VM
 CIBandwidthGroupRepresents one bandwidth group
 CIBIOSSettingsBIOS settings of the virtual machine
 CICertificateX.509 certificate details
 CIConsoleInterface to control virtual machine execution
 CIDHCPServerVirtualBox DHCP server configuration
 CIDirectoryAbstract parent interface for directories handled by VirtualBox
 CIDisplayVirtual machine's display
 CIDnDBaseBase abstract interface for drag'n drop
 CIEmulatedUSBManages emulated USB devices
 CIEventAbstract parent interface for VirtualBox events
 CIEventListenerEvent listener
 CIEventSourceEvent source
 CIExtPackBaseInterface for querying information about an extension pack as well as accessing COM objects within it
 CIExtPackManagerInterface for managing VirtualBox Extension Packs
 CIExtPackPlugInInterface for keeping information about a plug-in that ships with an extension pack
 CIFileAbstract parent interface for files handled by VirtualBox
 CIFsObjInfoAbstract parent interface for VirtualBox file system object information
 CIGuestInformation about the operating system running inside the virtual machine
 CIGuestSessionA guest session represents one impersonated user account in the guest, so every operation will use the same credentials specified when creating the session object via IGuest::createSession
 CIHostPhysical machine that this VirtualBox installation runs on
 CIHostNetworkInterfaceRepresents one of host's network interfaces
 CIHostVideoInputDeviceRepresents one of host's video capture devices, for example a webcam
 CIKeyboardVirtual machine's keyboard
 CIMachineVirtual machine, or guest, created in VirtualBox
 CIManagedObjectRefManaged object reference
 CIMediumVirtual storage for a machine's hard disks, CD/DVD or floppy drives
 CIMediumAttachmentLinks storage media to virtual machines
 CIMediumFormatMedium format
 CIMouseVirtual machine's mouse
 CIMousePointerShapeThe guest mouse pointer description
 CINATEngineInterface for managing a NAT engine which is used with a virtual machine
 CINetworkAdapterRepresents a virtual network adapter that is attached to a virtual machine
 CIParallelPortVirtual parallel port device
 CIPCIAddressAddress on the PCI bus
 CIPCIDeviceAttachmentInformation about PCI attachments
 CIPerformanceCollectorService that collects and stores performance metrics data
 CIPerformanceMetricParameters of the given performance metric
 CIProcessAbstract parent interface for processes handled by VirtualBox
 CIProgressUsed to track and control asynchronous tasks within VirtualBox
 CISerialPortVirtual serial port device
 CISessionClient process and allows for locking virtual machines (represented by IMachine objects) to prevent conflicting changes to the machine
 CISharedFolderFolder in the host computer's file system accessible from the guest OS running inside a virtual machine using an associated logical name
 CISnapshotSnapshot of the virtual machine
 CIStorageControllerRepresents a storage controller that is attached to a virtual machine (IMachine)
 CISystemPropertiesGlobal properties of the given VirtualBox installation
 CITokenToken passed to an API client, which triggers cleanup actions when it is explicitly released by calling the abandon method (preferred, as it is accurately defined when the release happens), or when the object reference count drops to 0
 CIUnattendedPipeline for preparing the Guest OS for fully automated install
 CIUSBDeviceVirtual USB device attached to the virtual machine
 CIUSBDeviceFilterUSB device filter used to perform actions on a group of USB devices
 CIUSBProxyBackendThe USBProxyBackend interface represents a source for USB devices available to the host for attaching to the VM
 CIVBoxSVCRegistrationImplemented by the VirtualBox class factory and registered with VBoxSDS so it can retrieve IVirtualBox on behalf of other VBoxSVCs
 CIVFSExplorerThe VFSExplorer interface unifies access to different file system types
 CIVirtualBoxMain interface exposed by the product that provides virtual machine management
 CIVirtualBoxClientConvenience interface for client applications
 CIVirtualBoxSDSSystem-wide directory service helper
 CIVirtualSystemDescriptionRepresents one virtual system (machine) in an appliance
 CIVRDEServerInfoContains information about the remote desktop (VRDE) server capabilities and status
 CIWebsessionManagerWebsession manager