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IGuestMultiTouchEvent Interface Reference

Notification when guest touch screen event happens. More...

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Public Attributes

readonly attribute long contactCount
 Number of contacts in the event. More...
readonly attribute short[] xPositions
 X positions. More...
readonly attribute short[] yPositions
 Y positions. More...
readonly attribute unsigned short[] contactIds
 Contact identifiers. More...
readonly attribute unsigned short[] contactFlags
 Contact state. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long scanTime
 Timestamp of the event in milliseconds. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from IEvent
readonly attribute VBoxEventType type
 Event type. More...
readonly attribute IEventSource source
 Source of this event. More...
readonly attribute boolean waitable
 If we can wait for this event being processed. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IEvent
void setProcessed ()
 Internal method called by the system when all listeners of a particular event have called IEventSource::eventProcessed. More...
void waitProcessed (in long timeout, [retval] out boolean result)
 Wait until time outs, or this event is processed. More...

Detailed Description

Notification when guest touch screen event happens.

Interface ID:

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute long IGuestMultiTouchEvent::contactCount

Number of contacts in the event.

readonly attribute short [] IGuestMultiTouchEvent::xPositions

X positions.

readonly attribute short [] IGuestMultiTouchEvent::yPositions

Y positions.

readonly attribute unsigned short [] IGuestMultiTouchEvent::contactIds

Contact identifiers.

readonly attribute unsigned short [] IGuestMultiTouchEvent::contactFlags

Contact state.

Bit 0: in contact. Bit 1: in range.

readonly attribute unsigned long IGuestMultiTouchEvent::scanTime

Timestamp of the event in milliseconds.

Only relative time between events is important.