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IGuestProcessInputNotifyEvent Interface Reference

Notification when a guest process' stdin became available. More...

Inheritance diagram for IGuestProcessInputNotifyEvent:
IGuestProcessIOEvent IGuestProcessEvent IGuestSessionEvent IEvent

Public Attributes

readonly attribute ProcessInputStatus status
 Current process input status.
- Public Attributes inherited from IGuestProcessIOEvent
readonly attribute unsigned long handle
 Input/output (IO) handle involved in this event.
readonly attribute unsigned long processed
 Processed input or output (in bytes).
- Public Attributes inherited from IGuestProcessEvent
readonly attribute IGuestProcess process
 Guest process object which is related to this event.
readonly attribute unsigned long pid
 Guest process ID (PID).
- Public Attributes inherited from IGuestSessionEvent
readonly attribute IGuestSession session
 Guest session that is subject to change.
- Public Attributes inherited from IEvent
readonly attribute VBoxEventType type
 Event type.
readonly attribute IEventSource source
 Source of this event.
readonly attribute boolean waitable
 If we can wait for this event being processed.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IEvent
void setProcessed ()
 Internal method called by the system when all listeners of a particular event have called IEventSource::eventProcessed.
void waitProcessed (in long timeout, [retval] out boolean result)
 Wait until time outs, or this event is processed.

Detailed Description

Notification when a guest process' stdin became available.

This event is right now not implemented!
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Member Data Documentation

◆ status

readonly attribute ProcessInputStatus IGuestProcessInputNotifyEvent::status

Current process input status.