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IRangedInteger64FormValue Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for IRangedInteger64FormValue:

Public Member Functions

void getInteger ([retval] out long long value)
void setInteger (in long long value, [retval] out IProgress progress)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute wstring suffix
 Counterpart of the IFormValue::label attribute.
readonly attribute long long minimum
readonly attribute long long maximum
- Public Attributes inherited from IFormValue
readonly attribute FormValueType type
readonly attribute long generation
readonly attribute boolean enabled
readonly attribute boolean visible
readonly attribute wstring label
readonly attribute wstring description
readonly attribute wstring help

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInteger()

void IRangedInteger64FormValue::getInteger ( [retval] out long long  value)

◆ setInteger()

void IRangedInteger64FormValue::setInteger ( in long long  value,
[retval] out IProgress  progress 

Member Data Documentation

◆ suffix

readonly attribute wstring IRangedInteger64FormValue::suffix

Counterpart of the IFormValue::label attribute.

May be null or empty. Usually used for units.

◆ minimum

readonly attribute long long IRangedInteger64FormValue::minimum

◆ maximum

readonly attribute long long IRangedInteger64FormValue::maximum