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IDisplaySourceBitmap Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

void queryBitmapInfo (out octetPtr address, out unsigned long width, out unsigned long height, out unsigned long bitsPerPixel, out unsigned long bytesPerLine, out BitmapFormat bitmapFormat)
 Information about the screen bitmap.

Public Attributes

readonly attribute unsigned long screenId

Member Function Documentation

◆ queryBitmapInfo()

void IDisplaySourceBitmap::queryBitmapInfo ( out octetPtr  address,
out unsigned long  width,
out unsigned long  height,
out unsigned long  bitsPerPixel,
out unsigned long  bytesPerLine,
out BitmapFormat  bitmapFormat 

Information about the screen bitmap.

This method is non-scriptable. In particular, this also means that an attempt to call it from a process other than the process that has created and owns the object will most likely fail or crash your application.

Member Data Documentation

◆ screenId

readonly attribute unsigned long IDisplaySourceBitmap::screenId