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IDHCPGroupConfig Interface Reference

A configuration that applies to a group of NICs. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addCondition (in boolean inclusive, in DHCPGroupConditionType type, in wstring value, [retval] out IDHCPGroupCondition condition)
 Adds a new condition.
void removeAllConditions ()
 Removes all conditions.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDHCPConfig
void setOption (in DHCPOption option, in DHCPOptionEncoding encoding, in wstring value)
 Sets a DHCP option.
void removeOption (in DHCPOption option)
 Removes the given DHCP option.
void removeAllOptions ()
 Removes all the options.
void getOption (in DHCPOption option, out DHCPOptionEncoding encoding, [retval] out wstring value)
 Gets the value of a single DHCP option.
void getAllOptions (out DHCPOption[] options, out DHCPOptionEncoding[] encodings, [retval] out wstring[] values)
 Gets all DHCP options and their values.
void remove ()
 Remove this group or individual configuration.

Public Attributes

attribute wstring name
 The group name.
readonly attribute IDHCPGroupCondition[] conditions
 Group membership conditions.
- Public Attributes inherited from IDHCPConfig
readonly attribute DHCPConfigScope scope
 Indicates the kind of config this is (mostly for IDHCPIndividualConfig).
attribute unsigned long minLeaseTime
 The minimum lease time in seconds, ignored if zero.
attribute unsigned long defaultLeaseTime
 The default lease time in seconds, ignored if zero.
attribute unsigned long maxLeaseTime
 The maximum lease time in seconds, ignored if zero.
attribute DHCPOption[] forcedOptions
 List of DHCP options which should be forced upon the clients in this config scope when they are available, whether the clients asks for them or not.
attribute DHCPOption[] suppressedOptions
 List of DHCP options which should not be sent to the clients in this config scope.

Detailed Description

A configuration that applies to a group of NICs.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addCondition()

void IDHCPGroupConfig::addCondition ( in boolean  inclusive,
in DHCPGroupConditionType  type,
in wstring  value,
[retval] out IDHCPGroupCondition  condition 

Adds a new condition.

◆ removeAllConditions()

void IDHCPGroupConfig::removeAllConditions ( )

Removes all conditions.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

attribute wstring IDHCPGroupConfig::name

The group name.

◆ conditions

readonly attribute IDHCPGroupCondition [] IDHCPGroupConfig::conditions

Group membership conditions.

Add new conditions by calling IDHCPGroupConfig::addCondition and use IDHCPGroupCondition::remove to remove.