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IExtPackFile Interface Reference

Extension pack file (aka tarball, .vbox-extpack) representation returned by IExtPackManager::openExtPackFile. More...

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Public Member Functions

void install (in boolean replace, in wstring displayInfo, [retval] out IProgress progess)
 Install the extension pack. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IExtPackBase
void queryLicense (in wstring preferredLocale, in wstring preferredLanguage, in wstring format, [retval] out wstring licenseText)
 Full feature version of the license attribute. More...

Public Attributes

readonly attribute wstring filePath
 The path to the extension pack file. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from IExtPackBase
readonly attribute wstring name
 The extension pack name. More...
readonly attribute wstring description
 The extension pack description. More...
readonly attribute wstring version
 The extension pack version string. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long revision
 The extension pack internal revision number. More...
readonly attribute wstring edition
 Edition indicator. More...
readonly attribute wstring VRDEModule
 The name of the VRDE module if the extension pack sports one. More...
readonly attribute IExtPackPlugIn [] plugIns
 Plug-ins provided by this extension pack. More...
readonly attribute boolean usable
 Indicates whether the extension pack is usable or not. More...
readonly attribute wstring whyUnusable
 String indicating why the extension pack is not usable. More...
readonly attribute boolean showLicense
 Whether to show the license before installation. More...
readonly attribute wstring license
 The default HTML license text for the extension pack. More...

Detailed Description

Extension pack file (aka tarball, .vbox-extpack) representation returned by IExtPackManager::openExtPackFile.

This provides the base extension pack information with the addition of the file name.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ install()

void IExtPackFile::install ( in boolean  replace,
in wstring  displayInfo,
[retval] out IProgress  progess 

Install the extension pack.

replaceSet this to automatically uninstall any existing extension pack with the same name as the one being installed.
displayInfoPlatform specific display information. Reserved for future hacks.
progessProgress object for the operation.

Member Data Documentation

◆ filePath

readonly attribute wstring IExtPackFile::filePath

The path to the extension pack file.