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IPCIAddress Interface Reference

Address on the PCI bus. More...

Inheritance diagram for IPCIAddress:

Public Member Functions

void asLong ([retval] out long result)
 Convert PCI address into long. More...
void fromLong (in long number)
 Make PCI address from long. More...

Public Attributes

attribute short bus
 Bus number. More...
attribute short device
 Device number. More...
attribute short devFunction
 Device function number. More...

Detailed Description

Address on the PCI bus.

Interface ID:

Member Function Documentation

◆ asLong()

void IPCIAddress::asLong ( [retval] out long  result)

Convert PCI address into long.

◆ fromLong()

void IPCIAddress::fromLong ( in long  number)

Make PCI address from long.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bus

attribute short IPCIAddress::bus

Bus number.

◆ device

attribute short IPCIAddress::device

Device number.

◆ devFunction

attribute short IPCIAddress::devFunction

Device function number.