Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
IAdditionsFacilityStructure representing a Guest Additions facility
IAdditionsStateChangedEventNotification when a Guest Additions property changes
IApplianceRepresents a platform-independent appliance in OVF format
IAudioAdapterVirtual audio adapter of the virtual machine
IBandwidthControlControls the bandwidth groups of one machine used to cap I/O done by a VM
IBandwidthGroupRepresents one bandwidth group
IBandwidthGroupChangedEventNotification when one of the bandwidth groups changed
IBIOSSettingsBIOS settings of the virtual machine
ICanShowWindowEventNotification when a call to IMachine::canShowConsoleWindow is made by a front-end to check if a subsequent call to IMachine::showConsoleWindow can succeed
IClipboardModeChangedEventNotification when the shared clipboard mode changes
IConsoleInterface to control virtual machine execution
ICPUChangedEventNotification when a CPU changes
ICPUExecutionCapChangedEventNotification when the CPU execution cap changes
IDHCPServerVirtualBox DHCP server configuration
IDirectoryAbstract parent interface for directories handled by VirtualBox
IDisplayVirtual machine's display
IDragAndDropModeChangedEventNotification when the drag'n'drop mode changes
IEmulatedUSBManages emulated USB devices
IEventAbstract parent interface for VirtualBox events
IEventListenerEvent listener
IEventSourceEvent source
IEventSourceChangedEventNotification when an event source state changes (listener added or removed)
IExtPackInterface for querying information about an extension pack as well as accessing COM objects within it
IExtPackBaseInterface for querying information about an extension pack as well as accessing COM objects within it
IExtPackFileExtension pack file (aka tarball, .vbox-extpack) representation returned by IExtPackManager::openExtPackFile
IExtPackManagerInterface for managing VirtualBox Extension Packs
IExtPackPlugInInterface for keeping information about a plug-in that ships with an extension pack
IExtraDataCanChangeEventNotification when someone tries to change extra data for either the given machine or (if null) global extra data
IExtraDataChangedEventNotification when machine specific or global extra data has changed
IFileAbstract parent interface for files handled by VirtualBox
IFramebufferOverlayAlpha blended overlay for displaying status icons above an IFramebuffer
IFsObjInfoAbstract parent interface for VirtualBox file system object information
IGuestInformation about the operating system running inside the virtual machine
IGuestDirectoryImplementation of the IDirectory object for directories on the guest
IGuestFileImplementation of the IFile object for files on the guest
IGuestFileEventBase abstract interface for all guest file events
IGuestFileIOEventBase abstract interface for all guest file input/output (IO) events
IGuestFileOffsetChangedEventNotification when a guest file changed its current offset
IGuestFileReadEventNotification when data has been read from a guest file
IGuestFileRegisteredEventNotification when a guest file was registered or unregistered
IGuestFileStateChangedEventNotification when a guest file changed its state
IGuestFileWriteEventNotification when data has been written to a guest file
IGuestFsObjInfoRepresents the guest implementation of the IFsObjInfo object
IGuestKeyboardEventNotification when guest keyboard event happens
IGuestMonitorChangedEventNotification when the guest enables one of its monitors
IGuestMouseEventNotification when guest mouse event happens
IGuestMultiTouchEventNotification when guest touch screen event happens
IGuestProcessImplementation of the IProcess object for processes on the guest
IGuestProcessEventBase abstract interface for all guest process events
IGuestProcessInputNotifyEventNotification when a guest process' stdin became available
IGuestProcessIOEventBase abstract interface for all guest process input/output (IO) events
IGuestProcessOutputEventNotification when there is guest process output available for reading
IGuestProcessRegisteredEventNotification when a guest process was registered or unregistered
IGuestProcessStateChangedEventNotification when a guest process changed its state
IGuestPropertyChangedEventNotification when a guest property has changed
IGuestSessionA guest session represents one impersonated user account on the guest, so every operation will use the same credentials specified when creating the session object via IGuest::createSession
IGuestSessionEventBase abstract interface for all guest session events
IGuestSessionRegisteredEventNotification when a guest session was registered or unregistered
IGuestSessionStateChangedEventNotification when a guest session changed its state
IGuestUserStateChangedEventNotification when a guest user changed its state
IHostPhysical machine that this VirtualBox installation runs on
IHostNetworkInterfaceRepresents one of host's network interfaces
IHostPCIDevicePlugEventNotification when host PCI device is plugged/unplugged
IHostUSBDevicePhysical USB device attached to the host computer
IHostUSBDeviceFilterGlobal filter for a physical USB device used by the host computer
IHostVideoInputDeviceRepresents one of host's video capture devices, for example a webcam
IKeyboardVirtual machine's keyboard
IKeyboardLedsChangedEventNotification when the guest OS executes the KBD_CMD_SET_LEDS command to alter the state of the keyboard LEDs
IMachineVirtual machine, or guest, created in VirtualBox
IMachineDataChangedEventAny of the settings of the given machine has changed
IMachineEventBase abstract interface for all machine events
IMachineRegisteredEventThe given machine was registered or unregistered within this VirtualBox installation
IMachineStateChangedEventMachine state change event
IManagedObjectRefManaged object reference
IMediumVirtual storage for a machine's hard disks, CD/DVD or floppy drives
IMediumAttachmentLinks storage media to virtual machines
IMediumChangedEventNotification when a medium attachment changes
IMediumFormatMedium format
IMediumRegisteredEventThe given medium was registered or unregistered within this VirtualBox installation
IMouseVirtual machine's mouse
IMouseCapabilityChangedEventNotification when the mouse capabilities reported by the guest have changed
IMousePointerShapeChangedEventNotification when the guest mouse pointer shape has changed
INATEngineInterface for managing a NAT engine which is used with a virtual machine
INATRedirectEventNotification when NAT redirect rule added or removed
INetworkAdapterRepresents a virtual network adapter that is attached to a virtual machine
INetworkAdapterChangedEventNotification when a property of one of the virtual network adapters changes
IParallelPortVirtual parallel port device
IParallelPortChangedEventNotification when a property of one of the virtual parallel ports changes
IPCIAddressAddress on the PCI bus
IPCIDeviceAttachmentInformation about PCI attachments
IPerformanceCollectorService that collects and stores performance metrics data
IPerformanceMetricParameters of the given performance metric
IProcessAbstract parent interface for processes handled by VirtualBox
IProgressUsed to track and control asynchronous tasks within VirtualBox
IReusableEventBase abstract interface for all reusable events
IRuntimeErrorEventNotification when an error happens during the virtual machine execution
ISerialPortVirtual serial port device
ISerialPortChangedEventNotification when a property of one of the virtual serial ports changes
ISessionClient process and allows for locking virtual machines (represented by IMachine objects) to prevent conflicting changes to the machine
ISessionStateChangedEventThe state of the session for the given machine was changed
ISharedFolderFolder in the host computer's file system accessible from the guest OS running inside a virtual machine using an associated logical name
ISharedFolderChangedEventNotification when a shared folder is added or removed
IShowWindowEventNotification when a call to IMachine::showConsoleWindow requests the console window to be activated and brought to foreground on the desktop of the host PC
ISnapshotSnapshot of the virtual machine
ISnapshotChangedEventSnapshot properties (name and/or description) have been changed
ISnapshotDeletedEventSnapshot of the given machine has been deleted
ISnapshotEventBase interface for all snapshot events
ISnapshotTakenEventA new snapshot of the machine has been taken
IStateChangedEventNotification when the execution state of the machine has changed
IStorageControllerRepresents a storage controller that is attached to a virtual machine (IMachine)
IStorageControllerChangedEventNotification when a medium attachment changes
IStorageDeviceChangedEventNotification when a storage device is attached or removed
ISystemPropertiesGlobal properties of the given VirtualBox installation
ITokenToken passed to an API client, which triggers cleanup actions when it is explicitly released by calling the abandon method (preferred, as it is accurately defined when the release happens), or when the object reference count drops to 0
IUSBControllerChangedEventNotification when a property of the virtual USB controllers changes
IUSBDeviceVirtual USB device attached to the virtual machine
IUSBDeviceFilterUSB device filter used to perform actions on a group of USB devices
IUSBDeviceStateChangedEventNotification when a USB device is attached to or detached from the virtual USB controller
IVBoxSVCAvailabilityChangedEventNotification when VBoxSVC becomes unavailable (due to a crash or similar unexpected circumstances) or available again
IVetoEventBase abstract interface for veto events
IVFSExplorerThe VFSExplorer interface unifies access to different file system types
IVideoCaptureChangedEventNotification when video capture settings have changed
IVirtualBoxMain interface exposed by the product that provides virtual machine management
IVirtualBoxClientConvenience interface for client applications
IVirtualBoxErrorInfoExtended error information
IVirtualSystemDescriptionRepresents one virtual system (machine) in an appliance
IVRDEServerChangedEventNotification when a property of the VRDE server changes
IVRDEServerInfoContains information about the remote desktop (VRDE) server capabilities and status
IVRDEServerInfoChangedEventNotification when the status of the VRDE server changes
IWebsessionManagerWebsession manager