[vbox-dev] censorship

Stéphane Charette stephanecharette at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 09:09:36 GMT 2017

(Am I using that word correctly?)

VBox's ticket #13615 describes a long-standing issue.  I first ran into it
3 years ago, which is how I now get emailed every time someone posts to the
ticket.  Over the weekend someone else posted again, because the issue
still exists.  Then minutes ago, I get this email:

Comment (by michael):
> I will remove the last few comments.  Please see my explanation above.
> This is a bug in Ubuntu/Lubuntu, which has also been seen in SUSE (on non-
> virtual hardware) and I think Debian, which changes graphics card
> registers after X.Org has started.  Perhaps my assumption that it was
> fixed was incorrect, since I have enough work on !VirtualBox I did not
> investigate the Ubuntu side in detail.  The Launchpad issue is bug
> 1443853<1>.

All the recent comments and attachments to the ticket, including the one
above my Michael (who I assume is Oracle staff?) have been deleted, leaving
no trace of recent activity on this long-standing ticket.

I don't think what was done is right.  I understand it would be preferable
for the root problem to be fixed, but the truth is this impacts VirtualBox
users, and regardless, deleting peoples comments and attachments to make it
look like an issue is no longer a problem seems wrong.


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