[vbox-dev] how to build virtualbox 5.2 with Ubuntu xenial?

Gianfranco Costamagna locutusofborg at debian.org
Tue Dec 12 19:09:14 GMT 2017

Hello, for reference in case in the future I get again the same problem:
>Hmm... I run into this when I was trying to compile an experimental build of VirtualBox with the Qt5.7 toolkit on OSX 10.9. It was complaining that the compiler >wasn't C++11 compatible (which it completely is). But, no matter what I threw at it, it would complain again at a later stage, and abort the compilation half-way. >I aborted too... ;)
>At least I wasn't alone. While researching for this I found that the Qt5.7 version broke a lot of projects out there...

--- virtualbox-5.2.2-dfsg.orig/configure
+++ virtualbox-5.2.2-dfsg/configure
@@ -1533,7 +1533,7 @@ EOF
INCQT5=`strip_I "$FLGQT5"`
LIBDIR5=`pkg-config Qt5Core --variable=libdir`
LIBQT5=`pkg-config Qt5Core --libs`
-          LIBQT5="-L$LIBDIR5 $LIBQT5"
+          LIBQT5="-L$LIBDIR5 $LIBQT5 -std=c++11"
TOOLQT5=`pkg-config Qt5Core --variable=prefix`
TOOLQT5BIN=`pkg-config Qt5Core --variable=host_bins`
if test_compile "$LIBQT5 $LIBPTHREAD $FLGQT5" qt5 qt5 nofatal; then

this is the patch.

Maybe, updating it upstream can be considered "safe" too :)


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