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This site offers a public bugtracker. In case you encounter problems with VirtualBox or have other suggestions for improvements, please use this facility to report those issues, which will then be called a "ticket". Each such ticket receives a unique number that you can later refer to in order to see if any progress was made, or add comments to it.

Please keep the following in mind before creating new tickets:

  • If you are not sure whether or not the issue you have found is a bug in VirtualBox, you might want to discuss it on the mailing lists or the VirtualBox forum
  • Use the search function to find identical bugs others have opened before and report there instead of creating duplicate tickets. If you add a comment to an existing ticket, you will receive e-mail notification every time that ticket is updated.
  • Try to clearly describe the bug and ways to reproduce it. Attach your VirtualBox VM session log file (VBox.log) to the ticket! This file includes a lot of useful information and saves us time asking you for it.

Note: To create new tickets, you must have registered with this site and be logged in with your user name and password. Use the "Register" and "Login" links at the top right for that.

Then, use these links to access the bugtracker:

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.

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