Please read this or you risk having your problem ignored!

This site offers a public bugtracker. In case you encounter problems with VirtualBox or have other suggestions for improvements, you can use this facility to report those issues, which will then be called a "ticket". Each such ticket receives a unique number that you can later refer to in order to see if any progress was made, or add comments to it.

Please understand that although we (the core team) invest a lot of effort into user bug reports, we receive more bug reports than we can read, let alone resolve. Just as we cannot make demands of you, neither can you demand that we work on a particular issue, however important it may seem to you.

However, VirtualBox is open source software. Fixing bugs is a process of collaboration between reporters who can reproduce and study them and developers who fix them (the two groups can overlap). And if the core team are not able to work on a particular issue you or someone else can also work on it and we can integrate the solution if it does not impact other people. A good bug ticket is a great aid for whoever chooses to work on a problem.

So bearing that in mind, there are a number of things you can do to improve the chances of getting your problem solved.

  • Try out a test build to see if the problem has already been fixed.
  • Do some research (e.g. using search engines, our  forums and existing bug tickets) before creating a ticket. Try to solve as much of the problem as you can yourself or in collaboration with other users.
  • Describe as precisely as you can how to reproduce the problem, bearing in mind that it may be triggered by something special on your own computer system. It is often next to impossible for a developer to fix a problem that they cannot reproduce. It may help to find other people with the same problem and compare notes.
  • Attach a log file. The log file contains a lot of useful information about both the host and the guest systems as well as information about what happened during a particular machine run.
  • Choose a summary carefully. The bug tracker and ticket notifications are mainly seen by (busy) developers, and unless a summary catches their eye and looks related to the things they as an individual work on the ticket may not even be read.
  • Please stay polite, relevant and on-topic. Try to avoid creating tickets for issues which are already being worked on, but do also try to avoid commenting on a ticket if you are not sure that your problem is the same (and not just similar) - if the ticket contains a link to a forum topic, consider going there first. Offensive or unrelated comments and tickets take time away from other things and sap our and other people's motivation; in extreme cases we can delete them.

Note: To create new tickets, you must have registered with this site and be logged in with your user name and password. Use the "Register" and "Login" links at the top right for that. If you add a comment to an existing ticket, you will receive e-mail notification every time that ticket is updated.

Then, use these links to access the bugtracker:
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