This site offers a public bugtracker. In case you encounter problems with VirtualBox or have other suggestions for improvements, you can use this facility to report those issues, which will then be called a "ticket". Each such ticket receives a unique number that you can later refer to in order to see if any progress was made, or add comments to it.

Some advice to improve your chances of getting your problem solved

  • Remember that VirtualBox has a huge community including highly skilled programmers. The core team is small and busy, the number of users with bug reports is large and we have to prioritise customer issues. But there might well be someone else out there with the same problem and the skills to fix it. Or talk to us about whether it would be covered by a support contract for a given number of licences.
  • Remember that you can still do a lot of work on a bug even if you can't program by studying and isolating it. Problems which developers can reproduce quickly and easily are much more likely to be fixed than problems which only happen on certain systems, or require installing special software in special virtual machines. So look for simpler ways of triggering the problem.
  • Try out a test build to see if the problem has already been fixed.
  • Do some research (e.g. using search engines, our  forums and existing bug tickets) before creating a ticket. Try to solve as much of the problem as you can yourself or in collaboration with other users.

To create new tickets, you must have a Oracle Single Sign On account and be logged in with your user name and password. Use the registration information and the "Login" link at the top right for that. If you add a comment to an existing ticket, you will receive e-mail notification every time that ticket is updated.

Then, use these links to access the bugtracker:
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