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VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR: Inexistent host networking interface, named 'vboxnet0'

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Version: VirtualBox 3.2.6 Keywords: OVF HostOnlyInterface vboxnet0 VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR
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VirtualBox 3.2.x appears to have introduced a bug related to OVF files whereby appliances exported from VirtualBox 3.2.x (on, e.g., a Mac host) no longer import properly on other platforms (e.g., a Windows host). Specifically, when we export an appliance with VirtualBox 3.2.6 (and 3.2.4) on a Mac 10.6.4 host, we then get this error when trying to start that appliance after importing it on a Windows 7 host running VirtualBox 3.2.6 (and 3.2.4):

VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR: Inexistent host networking interface, named 'vboxnet0'

The appliance we're exporting is configured with two virtual NICs: Adapter 1 is NAT, Adapter 2 is Host-Only. The above pertains to the latter.

A workaround appears to be, on the Windows host, to remove Adapter 2, then re-add it. Then the appliance starts.

The problem appears to derive from 3.2.x's introduction of the vbox namespace in OVF files. When we export an appliance on a Mac host, within the OVF file is this XML element:

<HostOnlyInterface name="vboxnet0"/>

However, the Windows version of VirtualBox 3.2.x appears to call that interface "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter". It *seems*, then, that, during import, VirtualBox 3.2.x might be relying unduly heavily on the vbox: namespace metadata, inasmuch as Windows expects that host to be called "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter" but instead sees it described as "vboxnet0"?

It's worth noting that removing all XML elements in the vbox: namespace from the OVF file prior to import also fixes the problem.

(A similar cross-platform problem appears to happen with AudioAdapter because of the vbox: metadata.)

Happy to provide additional details as needed.


VBox-bug1.log Download (1.8 KB) - added by malan 4 years ago.

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we encounter the same problem and are actully quite astonnished by this: the Open Virtualization Format was intrdocuded in order to enable the exchange of virtual appliances - also across vendors. In the current version it is however not even possible to exchange Virtual Box appliances created with the same version of Virtual Box across different platforms. I hope, that the priority of this issue will be raised...

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by silas

I also got these error which I consider a bug.

This makes it impossible to release and appliance that is compatible with other computers.

It would seem wise for there to be a auto-guess the best host network card to use.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by tkdphoenix

I had similar issues with Windows XP Host, Ubuntu 11.10 Guest, VB 4.1.4.

It started as an error recognizing the .iso file I use for Ubuntu and then I repaired and restarted and received the "Inexistent host networking interface" error.

I went to Settings -> Network and changed "attached to:" to "NAT". This corrected the issue for me.

comment:4 Changed 2 years ago by kenorb

I've similar problem in Ticket #9820\ My interface vboxnet0 disappeared.

comment:5 Changed 2 years ago by kenorb

$ VBoxManage hostonlyif create

comment:6 Changed 3 months ago by zaphod

I have this problem with 4.3.6
Exported a VM (created under 4.3.6 on Windows-x64) in OVF 1.0
Imported it to Linux-x64 (also 4.3.6),
but got same error message as here on startvm.

On Linux I had to manually create the vboxnet0 interface:

$ vboxmanage hostonlyif create

then manually edit each .vbox file and change all lines:

<HostOnlyInterface name="VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter"/>
<HostOnlyInterface name="vboxnet0"/>
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