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Add "minimize" command to VBoxControl

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Component: guest additions Version: VirtualBox 6.0.8
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I wish there was a way to minimize a VM from inside the guest using VBoxControl. I have my host key set to right ctrl, which is kind of awkward to use, but I picked it because I didn't want it to shadow one of the modifier keys I use regularly in the guest OS. Being able to programmatically minimize the window from inside the guest would make it easier to assign a convenient key combo without dedicating a modifier key entirely to VirtualBox.

More broadly speaking, it seems like all of the host key commands should be available through VBoxControl, but minimize is the only one I have use case for at the moment.

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It's usually better and faster, if issues get first addressed in the VirtualBox forums, a lot more eyes there. More than 95% of the issues are resolved in the forums, which keeps the developers focusing on the bug fixes and enhancements, and there is no need for another ticket to keep track of. For example, yours is definitely not a bug and someone from the developers has to deal with it and close it as "Invalid".

Plus a discussion and analysis on the bug tracker is going to help me, you, and potentially a future drive-by user or two. Not so in the forums, many more tend to benefit...

Replying to lolcatnip:

I wish there was a way to minimize a VM from inside the guest using VBoxControl.

There does exist one, even without VBoxControl, which may not be available for all VMs (think FreeDOS). You might have missed it...

VirtualBox Preferences » Input » Virtual Machine » Minimize

You can set your own custom HostKey based combination. HostKey+M for example is available...

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