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"One or more disk image files are not currently accessible (...)" error, but the file is there and the VM starts

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Component: other Version: VirtualBox 5.1.8
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Guest type: Windows Host type: Linux


Hi All, I've upgraded to version 5.1.8 r111374 using the Fedora 24 packages. I only have one Windows 10 VM that I've been using without issues for many months.

Since upgrading, every time I start VirtualBox (not the VM) I get the error saying: "One or more disk image files are not currently accessible. As a result, you will not be able to operate virtual machines that use these files until they become accessible later. Press Check to open the Virtual Media Manager window and see which files are inaccessible, or press Ignore to ignore this message.".

The file is the VM's sole vdi file, but it is not missing, and if I click on Ignore the VM starts without any issues. Stopping and restarting the VM does not show the error again. Shutting down VirtualBox and restarting it shows the error again.

It is just an annoyance for now but perhaps it can develop in something worse.

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comment:1 by Socratis, 7 years ago

This is not even close to a bug! This is just a warning. And it has instructions on how to fix it:

Press Check to open the Virtual Media Manager window and see which files are inaccessible, or press Ignore to ignore this message.

So, open the Virtual Media Manager and remove the virtual media that are inaccessible. They have a red sign next to them. It doesn't necessarily apply to the VM that you're launching.

For future reference, it's usually better and faster, if problems like this one (configuration) get first addressed in the forums, rather than in the bug tracker. More than 95% of the issues are resolved here, which keeps the developers focusing on the bug fixes and enhancements, and there is no need for another ticket to keep track of. For example, yours is most probably not a bug and someone from the developers has to deal with it and close it as "Invalid".

comment:2 by Dave H, 6 years ago

IT IS A BUG!!!!!

It is telling the user the system is broken when it isn't - for me the issue appears when there are NO red flaged media, there are no problems and no files missing. It is causing users to have to go looking at a page to 'fix' the non existent problem It is causing users to then have to search the web

And IF, and I do mean IF, they get to this page they see your stupid comment that it isn't a bug - well it IS a bug, and as something that wastes several man years of effort for the combined users of your tool it is a MAJOR bug, it would for most companies be considered fairly close to a SHOWSTOPPER!

This BUG needs fixing.

comment:3 by Socratis, 6 years ago

First of all, I'd ask you to keep the conversation civil, OK? Otherwise other people (not me) might mistake you for a troll of the highest order.

If there is a medium missing AND it is referenced in a VM, that error will come up. It's a simple rule, not rocket science. This is not a bug, this is a run-time warning. So, check again what's missing and fix it.

You haven't posted any evidence whatsoever, how do you expect to have a look at it. Simply yelling "Wolf" doesn't make the villagers happy at the end of the story...

If you want me to take a look, I need you to post all the ".vbox" files and the "VirtualBox.xml" files from your system.

comment:4 by codywohlers, 4 years ago

I had the same issue. I would get the One or more disk image files are not currently accessible... and if I clicked Check and looked none of the disk images were flagged.

My workaround was to click the Ignore checkbox in the error dialog box next time I started Virtual Box and saw the error.

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