[vbox-dev] ICH9 BAR5 access

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue Aug 18 18:25:17 GMT 2015

Hi Ananth,

On 18.08.2015 20:04, Ananth Pallapothu wrote:
> Hello Experts,
> I have added new pass through device to the VirtualBox setup . 
> Registered all 6 BAR's with appropriate sizes, none exceeding 256M. 
> All BAR's were set to reflect hardware functionality (assigned 0), 
> eventually OS programmed base address regions with the sizes I have 
> registered them with.
Can you provide more details (how you map the regions initially and on 
remap)? Hard to say what's happening otherwise.
> My fundamental problem is, I have been able to access BAR0 and NOT 
> BAR5. I tried playing with BIOSmmio address setting in DevPciIch9, 
> that made difference in relocating BAR's but functionality remained 
> the same (Not able to access BAR5)
> Interesting part is, PIIX3 chipset is fully functional ie., can access 
> BAR5 in PIIX3 but NOT in ICH9.
Could be that with PIIX3 there's no remap and with ICH9 there's a 
remap... really difficult to say anything with the sparse information.

> PS: There seems to be some problem with my email ID, so not sure 
> whether my last email came through. Sorry if you have already received 
> it.
> Thanks.
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