[vbox-dev] ICH9 BAR5 access

Ananth Pallapothu apallapothu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 18:04:06 GMT 2015

Hello Experts,

   I have added new pass through device to the VirtualBox setup .
Registered all 6 BAR's with appropriate sizes, none exceeding 256M. All
BAR's were set to reflect hardware functionality (assigned 0), eventually
OS programmed base address regions with the sizes I have registered them

My fundamental problem is, I have been able to access BAR0 and NOT BAR5. I
tried playing with BIOSmmio address setting in DevPciIch9, that made
difference in relocating BAR's but functionality remained the same (Not
able to access BAR5)

Interesting part is, PIIX3 chipset is fully functional ie., can access BAR5
in PIIX3 but NOT in ICH9.

PS: There seems to be some problem with my email ID, so not sure whether my
last email came through. Sorry if you have already received it.

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