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Ramshankar ramshankar.venkataraman at oracle.com
Mon Mar 31 11:49:56 GMT 2014


Thanks for the work and the heads up, but before I look into this, a 
couple of questions:

1. Does the installation work without requiring reboots (drivers are 
loaded and active after installation)?

2. Does upgrading VirtualBox versions work without requiring reboots 
(old drivers are unloaded, removed and new ones are installed and loaded) ?


On 03/30/2014 03:42 PM, Thomas Gouverneur wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm writing today because I've been asked some time ago to write a 
> converter from SVR to IPS packages for VirtualBox to allow the 
> installation of VirtualBox and of the extension pack through IPS. I 
> wonder now if this work can be useful upstream too?!
> I published the scripts there: https://github.com/tgouverneur/VBox-SVR2IPS
> And an example repository can be found there: http://mdma.igh.cnrs.fr/vbox/en/catalog.shtml?show_all_versions=1&action=Refresh
> The repository has been built with the VirtualBox.org's packages converted using the scripts present inside the GitHub repository listed below.
> NOTE: This repo has only been tested with Solaris 11.1.
> Any idea with who I could start the discussion to see what would those package be missing to allow a possible upstream adoption, so we can all have IPS upstream packages of VirtualBox in the future?
> Thanks,
> --Thomas
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