[vbox-dev] IPS package

Thomas Gouverneur list at espix.net
Sun Mar 30 13:42:44 GMT 2014



I'm writing today because I've been asked some time ago to
write a converter from SVR to IPS packages for VirtualBox to allow the
installation of VirtualBox and of the extension pack through IPS. I
wonder now if this work can be useful upstream too?! 

I published the
scripts there: https://github.com/tgouverneur/VBox-SVR2IPS
And an
example repository can be found there:

repository has been built with the VirtualBox.org's packages converted
using the scripts present inside the GitHub repository listed

NOTE: This repo has only been tested with Solaris 11.1.

idea with who I could start the discussion to see what would those
package be missing to allow a possible upstream adoption, so we can all
have IPS upstream packages of VirtualBox in the


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