[vbox-dev] Question regarding channel callbacks between guest and host

Jaeyong Yoo jaeyong.yoo at samsung.com
Mon Apr 28 03:59:03 GMT 2014

Hello Michael,

>  From the messages you have send I presume you are most interested in the
> Windows guest code, and you don't really need a detailed understanding of
> the core virtualisation code for that - understanding the concepts around
> it would be more important in that case - but it would still take you a
> lot of time to work through it which you might prefer to spend on the code
> which really interests you.  I can still ask one of our core
> virtualisation team members to give you a pointer of course in case I am
> wrong there.

I'm trying to port the VirtualBox graphics stack to QEMU environment.
I guess there would be lot of difficulties, but I'm expecting that the only
parts need to be modified are hypervisor-facing parts. The parts that are facing
Windows would not require any changes (I hope) such as WineD3D, Display drivers
Direct3D facing part, etc

I will appreciate if one of your team members could verify my understanding :-)


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