[vbox-dev] Question regarding channel callbacks between guest and host

Jaeyong Yoo jaeyong.yoo at samsung.com
Mon Apr 28 05:51:15 GMT 2014

> Hello Michael,
> [...]
> >  From the messages you have send I presume you are most interested in
> > the Windows guest code, and you don't really need a detailed
> > understanding of the core virtualisation code for that - understanding
> > the concepts around it would be more important in that case - but it
> > would still take you a lot of time to work through it which you might
> > prefer to spend on the code which really interests you.  I can still
> > ask one of our core virtualisation team members to give you a pointer
> > of course in case I am wrong there.
> I'm trying to port the VirtualBox graphics stack to QEMU environment.
> I guess there would be lot of difficulties, but I'm expecting that the
> only parts need to be modified are hypervisor-facing parts. The parts that
> are facing Windows would not require any changes (I hope) such as WineD3D,
> Display drivers Direct3D facing part, etc
> I will appreciate if one of your team members could verify my
> understanding :-)

One more possibility is to port VirtualBox to android. But, since android depends
on bionic c, it requires porting of many libraries (including glib). Have you
ever considered similar things in VirtualBox team?


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