[vbox-dev] What's the license used by rdpweb in SDK?

Edison Su Edison.su at citrix.com
Fri May 11 22:38:09 GMT 2012

Hi All,
      I am looking at integrating VRDP web client into our project, which is licensed under Apache, but not sure what's the license used by rdpweb. 
      The SDK says:
      " The sample code files shipped with the SDK are generally licensed liberally to make it easy for anyone to use this code for their own application code." And "When in doubt, please refer to the individual source code files shipped with this SDK."
      But I don't find license info under sdk/rdpweb/sample or inside files under sdk/rdpweb/sample. 
      Could anybody tell me which license used by rdpweb, specifically for files:
        sdk/rdpweb/sample/RDPClientUI.swf | webclient.js |webclient3.html?

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