[vbox-dev] Resizing of Windows guest not working in SVN Build =>r39104

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Thu Oct 27 19:28:50 GMT 2011

I have another issue that I am starting to think has something to
do with the new builds. In Win7 and Vista (shudder I know but it must
be tested) I can not resize the guest. log shows a video hint but the
actual guest area does not grow. I am using the release 4.1.4 now and
it was working just fine until the update from svn r39104.

I found VBoxGuestAdditions-r74568.iso that Michael posted yesterday in
bugtracker and tried that on the Windows 7 guest. However that did not
help at all. I reverted back to r38938 and reverted the extension pack
to release 4.1.4 and the Windows 7 guest now has the ability to resize.
Keep in mind that the resize did not work even with the 3D turned off so
I think that dismisses the wddm drivers (which i didn't think would
effect this problem anyway).

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