[vbox-dev] DirectSound host device selection

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Thu Oct 27 16:39:38 GMT 2011

The attached patch (should) provide(s) a way to select the DirectSound 
devices on the host for audio input and output for a VM. It uses two 
environment variables (DEVICE_GUID_OUT and DEVICE_GUID_IN) for this 
purpose. I would rather allow this to be configurable from the 
configuration file, but I can not find a (simple) way to get anything 
from the configuration file to the audio driver. Using an environment 
variable will work for my usage.

I have not tested this patch, as I have no Windows build environment. 
Could anyone (try to) build VirtualBox with this patch for Windows (x32)?

Thank you,

Ivo Smits
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