[vbox-dev] Concurrent Remote Python Sessions

Robert Ramsay robert.alan.ramsay at gmail.com
Sat May 22 07:02:03 GMT 2010

To Nikolay and all VirtualBox developers:

Thanks for a great 3.2 release! The python API has been updated and
fixed my previous error. But now I have a new issue. I can't seem to
make concurrent "session's" with python. When two different python
scripts try to use openExistingSession in the same thread it works
fine. But If I use openExistingSession in two different threads or if
I use a session object in a new thread it gives the COM error:
(-2147417842, 'The Application called an interface that was marshalled
for a different thread.'). And If I try to create a VirtualBoxManager
in two different threads I get infinitely recursive COM get_name
loops. The documentation says that openExistingSession should allow
multiple sessions. I was able to do use threading with indifference to
the session objects using the 3.1.6 SDK/API.


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