[vbox-dev] Concurrent Remote Python Sessions

Nikolay Igotti Nikolay.Igotti at Sun.COM
Sat May 22 14:12:00 GMT 2010


As an example of multithreaded Python app using VBox API please refer to 
vboxweb - http://code.google.com/p/vboxweb/source/browse/trunk/VBoxWebSrv.py

What you likely need, is pythoncom.CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream 
magic (and calling mgr.initPerThread() in new thread start routine ). 
Usually, it makes sense to post minimal code snippets when asking 
questions like this.


Robert Ramsay пишет:
> To Nikolay and all VirtualBox developers:
> Thanks for a great 3.2 release! The python API has been updated and
> fixed my previous error. But now I have a new issue. I can't seem to
> make concurrent "session's" with python. When two different python
> scripts try to use openExistingSession in the same thread it works
> fine. But If I use openExistingSession in two different threads or if
> I use a session object in a new thread it gives the COM error:
> (-2147417842, 'The Application called an interface that was marshalled
> for a different thread.'). And If I try to create a VirtualBoxManager
> in two different threads I get infinitely recursive COM get_name
> loops. The documentation says that openExistingSession should allow
> multiple sessions. I was able to do use threading with indifference to
> the session objects using the 3.1.6 SDK/API.
> Thanks,
> Robert
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