[vbox-dev] VS 2010, soft/hard link support in vboxsf

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Fri May 7 09:01:33 GMT 2010

Chris Sarbora wrote:
> Hi,
> Forgive me if these questions have come up before; I've just joined the 
> list. If there's a search function, point me to it!

The mailing list archive on 
has a very good search function.

> Is anyone currently working on getting soft/hard links to fully work (ie 
> be created, report correct link counts etc) in Shared Folders? That's 
> what I'm here for and I'd rather see if I can contribute to an existing 
> effort than reinvent the wheel, if someone's already doing it.

To my knowledge people only complained about it, but no one started 
implementing anything.

> Also, just more as a curiosity, has anyone tried getting VBox to build 
> under Visual Studio 2010 yet?

Certainly no one from the VirtualBox development team... we don't change 
our build tools unless something warrants the effort. That means we use 
Visual Studio 2003 for 32bit builds and Visual Studio 2005 for 64bit 
builds. This should be somewhat obvious from the build instructions ;)


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