[vbox-dev] Custom front-end using non-OSE SDK

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 27 16:15:51 GMT 2009

John Whitley schrieb:
> Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
>> Do you know for sure that there is no flag which can be set in the
>> executable to avoid the console window? That's where I would start
>> digging if I'd have time.
> Yes, you can do this.  This is how all Windows GUI apps are built.  In 
> fact, that distinction is the hallmark between "console" mode apps and 
> "gui" mode apps in Windows.  I may be able to look up the low-level 
> particulars later -- but if you have access to Visual Studio, just 
> generate a basic console app template vs. a basic gui app template and 
> compare them.  I'm not sure offhand whether this will be in the skeleton 
> code for the app, or somewhere in the compile flags.  Be sure to check 
> out both.

That sounds promising, but I bet you're faster looking up those issues 
than I am. I don't use visual studio all that much, since I'm focusing 
on platform-independent or unix flavor code. Since we have a 
platform-independent build environment and our build systems are fully 
automated, we don't rely much on GUI build tools.

>> Note that reusing OSE source code (covered by GPL) to talk to the
>> PUEL-licensed VRDP server component is a GPL violation.
> At least by U.S. copyright law, this isn't correct.  The two cannot be 
> distributed together, but there's nothing against an individual user 
> separately obtaining and using GPL and non-GPL code together for a 
> particular application.

True, because what you're referring to is actually the "use" of a GPL 
app, which is indeed unrestricted. However not being able to distribute 
something is a severe limitation.


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