[vbox-dev] debugging web service

Nicolas Delsaux nicolas.delsaux at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 11:00:05 GMT 2009

hi all
I'm planning to use VirtualBox as virtualizer for the software we develop.
For that i'll have to create virtual machines from maven build script.
I've decided, for the sake of simplicity, to use Groovy (and
especially groovyws) since I've already used it with great
However, things do not seems to be that simple with VirtualBox.
Indeed, I've, for now, written a very simple web service client that
should simply print the version of running VirtualBox.
Unfortunatly, it prints nothing but "null".
Decided to get a grasp on the problem, I've successively used fiddler
and Eclipse tcp/ip monitor to get a view on exchanged
The only thing I've seen is ... nothing : not any request seems to be
sent from client to server.
Have you got any idea of a track to follow in order to have these
requests sent ?
I must also say I use the raw web service.
According to ulrcih infos, I restarted vboxwebsrv.exe with the -v flag
So, it becomes to be clear that it's a pure groovy client issue.
however, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nicolas Delsaux

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