[vbox-dev] Opensolaris guest complains about vbox BIOS

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 19:53:38 GMT 2009


I just installed opensolaris as guest on a linux host running the
latest vbox OSE from svn. Early during boot, solaris complains that
the BIOS microcode patch for Athlon64 (erratum 131) has not be applied
and Bad Things may happen.

I'm assuming that solaris is talking about the vbox BIOS.  Anyone else
seeing this?  Is it something to worry about?

BTW, this is my first contact with solaris.  The only thing unusual I
see is that booting from the virtual hard disk takes a long time -- so
long that I assumed that my solaris installation was broken.  I came
back 15 minutes later and was pleasantly surprised to find it working.
Is solaris known to be slow starting up?


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