[vbox-dev] 2.0.2 - QT Frontends don't compile on windows: VBoxqt-mt.lib requested, moc not found, ...

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Thu Oct 9 10:45:39 GMT 2008

Klaus Espenlaub <Klaus.Espenlaub at ...> writes:

> Just as a note from the developers: we're aware that it's relatively 
> hard to get off the ground especially on windows. The cause for this is 
> the limited resources we can spend on making VirtualBox easy to build on 
> this platform - that's also the cause of the small inconsistencies which 
> slip in and usually remain undetected for quite some time as so few 
> people build VirtualBox OSE on windows.

Mh ... OK ...
maybe it would be an idea to drop the configure.vbs for the moment, and write a
guide how to manually adjust the Config.kmk / AutoConfig.kmk instead. This could
probably be updated based on the changes made to the linux
compilation/configuring setup. 

At least for me, having a guide that explains what to do manually beats an
outdated configure-script any time ...

Well, let's see. I'll probably go on trying to compile the stuff on win32, so,
if you need some feedback, I can try ...


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