[vbox-dev] 2.0.2 - QT Frontends don't compile on windows: VBoxqt-mt.lib requested, moc not found, ...

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 2 15:02:15 GMT 2008

Just as a note from the developers: we're aware that it's relatively 
hard to get off the ground especially on windows. The cause for this is 
the limited resources we can spend on making VirtualBox easy to build on 
this platform - that's also the cause of the small inconsistencies which 
slip in and usually remain undetected for quite some time as so few 
people build VirtualBox OSE on windows.


S. Brandt wrote:
> Hi!
> In the end, I got it up and running ... the main thing was to add
> to Config.kmk,
> in addition to the stuff described above:
> PATH_SDK_QT4=C:/Programme/Qt/4.4.3
> PATH_SDK_QT3=C:/Programme/Qt/3.3.3
> Also, for VirtualBox4, a more current version of Qt than 4.4.0 was necessary
> (4.4.3).
> The VBoxqt-mt.lib problem I had solved by just copying the qt-mt3.lib to that
> name.
> Yours,
> Sebastian

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