[vbox-dev] Help building VBox on WinXP - understanding toolchain

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Tue Mar 25 08:48:42 GMT 2008

Hi Doug,

there is a free implementation of Qt/win 3.3.x as Open Source, based on 
the last Trolltech's Qt/x11 3.3.x branch, which is also Open Source. 
Using this package, it is possible to find Qt with the "configure.vbs" 
script and compile the VirtualBox frontend.

Take a look here: http://qtwin.sourceforge.net/


Doug wrote:
> Well, I worked with this for 1.5 days on the weekend and I've concluded that 
> the average developer cannot build VirtualBox for Windows.
> I got all the tools installed that are listed in the prerequisites and 
> configure.vbs finds them all.  Then configure.vbs ABORTS because of QT.
> It appears (to me) that VirtualBox uses an older (and now unavailable) 
> proprietary version of QT/win 3.3.x but the current publicly available 
> versions of QT are version 4.x and greater.
> It seems that VirtualBox is not compatible with QT 4.x and only works with the 
> not-available QT 3.3.x versions.
> I did ready the section in the build instructions about the issue with QT.  At 
> first I didn't understand the problem (because the documentation was written 
> by a developer who was VERY familiar with the tools).  After doing a bit of 
> internet snooping it seems that the TOOLS NEEDED TO BUILD VIRTUALBOX FOR 
> WINDOWS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot find 
> any versions of QT 3.3.x that VirtualBox needs to work.
> So now the question becomes, is it even possible for someone other than 
> Innotek/Sun to build VBox for Windows if they haven't purchased the QT 3.3.x 
> toolkit?  Also note that Trolltech no longer supports QT versions < 4.0.
> Doug.
> In article <F6258B02585E474B97BDF70C70B840DC at DavidLaptop>, 
> mykeysdavid at gmail.com says...
>> If you plan using MinGW only for VirtualBox, then there are folders that can 
>> be used.
>> Go to the root VirtualBox directory, then go to "tools/win.x86". Here you 
>> create the following directory structure, in addition of the already 
>> existing directories.
>> win.x86
>> -mingw32
>> --v3.3.3
>> ---(all the files of MinGW except the Win32 API stuff)
>> -w32api
>> --v2.5
>> ---(The win32 API stuff)
>> Then you run again the configure.vbs script and it should detect MinGW 
>> without any supplemental configuration.
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "Doug" <biteme at bitbasher.net>
>> Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 12:58 AM
>> To: <vbox-dev at virtualbox.org>
>> Subject: [vbox-dev] Help building VBox on WinXP - understanding toolchain
>>> Hi,
>>> I've read the information about building vbox on windows here:
>>> http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Windows%20build%20instructions
>>> I have no trouble installing all the native Win32 tools (VS2005, SDK,
>>> DDK, SDL, DXSDK), but the MinGW tools are all just a bunch of files in
>>> tar archives.
>>> Where do I install all the MinGW files?  Do I need to set them up in any
>>> special way or run any installer?
>>> There is mention on the page of cygwin but cygwin is NOT listed as a
>>> prerequisite tool.  Do I need cygwin?  If so, where do I get it and
>>> which version should I use.
>>> Basically, if someone can give me a few easy steps to get all the needed
>>> tools correctly installed for WinXP I'd really appreciate it.
>>> Doug.
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