[vbox-dev] Help building VBox on WinXP - understanding toolchain

Doug biteme at bitbasher.net
Tue Mar 25 04:52:03 GMT 2008

Well, I worked with this for 1.5 days on the weekend and I've concluded that 
the average developer cannot build VirtualBox for Windows.

I got all the tools installed that are listed in the prerequisites and 
configure.vbs finds them all.  Then configure.vbs ABORTS because of QT.

It appears (to me) that VirtualBox uses an older (and now unavailable) 
proprietary version of QT/win 3.3.x but the current publicly available 
versions of QT are version 4.x and greater.

It seems that VirtualBox is not compatible with QT 4.x and only works with the 
not-available QT 3.3.x versions.

I did ready the section in the build instructions about the issue with QT.  At 
first I didn't understand the problem (because the documentation was written 
by a developer who was VERY familiar with the tools).  After doing a bit of 
internet snooping it seems that the TOOLS NEEDED TO BUILD VIRTUALBOX FOR 
WINDOWS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot find 
any versions of QT 3.3.x that VirtualBox needs to work.

So now the question becomes, is it even possible for someone other than 
Innotek/Sun to build VBox for Windows if they haven't purchased the QT 3.3.x 
toolkit?  Also note that Trolltech no longer supports QT versions < 4.0.


In article <F6258B02585E474B97BDF70C70B840DC at DavidLaptop>, 
mykeysdavid at gmail.com says...
>If you plan using MinGW only for VirtualBox, then there are folders that can 
>be used.
>Go to the root VirtualBox directory, then go to "tools/win.x86". Here you 
>create the following directory structure, in addition of the already 
>existing directories.
>---(all the files of MinGW except the Win32 API stuff)
>---(The win32 API stuff)
>Then you run again the configure.vbs script and it should detect MinGW 
>without any supplemental configuration.
>From: "Doug" <biteme at bitbasher.net>
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>Subject: [vbox-dev] Help building VBox on WinXP - understanding toolchain
>> Hi,
>> I've read the information about building vbox on windows here:
>> http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Windows%20build%20instructions
>> I have no trouble installing all the native Win32 tools (VS2005, SDK,
>> DDK, SDL, DXSDK), but the MinGW tools are all just a bunch of files in
>> tar archives.
>> Where do I install all the MinGW files?  Do I need to set them up in any
>> special way or run any installer?
>> There is mention on the page of cygwin but cygwin is NOT listed as a
>> prerequisite tool.  Do I need cygwin?  If so, where do I get it and
>> which version should I use.
>> Basically, if someone can give me a few easy steps to get all the needed
>> tools correctly installed for WinXP I'd really appreciate it.
>> Doug.
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