[vbox-dev] Why do VBOX reject a DNS ?

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 20 10:10:21 GMT 2008

David wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I wanted to know why was virtualbox automatically ignoring auxiliary 
DNS servers. In every of my VBOX.log files i have this:
 > 00:13:53.680 NAT: DNS address:
 > 00:13:53.680 NAT: ignored DNS address:
 > The problem is that the ignored DNS server IS the one it must use to 
convert addresses.

 > Can you:
 >  1. Tell me why it does this.

The current virtualbox code is limited to a single DNS proxy, thus the 
"ignored" messages for any configured DNS server but the first. This can 
be fixed of course, but it's currently not very high priority.

 >  2. Correct this if possible


 >  3. If not, tell me where I could try to make the changes.

The slirp code needs to be improved to support more than one DNS proxy. 
The DNS proxy is necessary as it's impossible to synchronize the DHCP 
lease lifetime with the host's DNS server information validity if the 
host itself uses DHCP and/or several IP links.

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