[vbox-dev] Why do VBOX reject a DNS ?

David mykeysdavid at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 23:44:19 GMT 2008


I wanted to know why was virtualbox automatically ignoring auxiliary DNS servers. In every of my VBOX.log files i have this:

00:13:53.680 NAT: DNS address:
00:13:53.680 NAT: ignored DNS address:

The problem is that the ignored DNS server IS the one it must use to convert addresses.

In our organization, we use a private virtual DNS server for the purpose of accessing intranet documents. Like testing.it.dept. And another, the "standard" one, which access the internet. But, by ignoring it, all external links doesn't work. So, in my XPsp2_ie6 virtual machine, i can access qxp://testing.it.dept/candidates/msx16F3?hwx=329DFAA2048485664123478 but not http://www.google.com .

Can you:
 1. Tell me why it does this.
 2. Correct this if possible
 3. If not, tell me where I could try to make the changes.

Thanks in advance.
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