[vbox-dev] vbox networking interception

Valdir Stumm Junior stummjr at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 19:27:54 GMT 2008

<Sander.Vanleeuwen at sun.com> wrote:
> See VBoxManage -nictrace -nictracefile. This enables logging of all
> network packets flowing through the interface.
> If you want to do more then just logging, you could extend the filter
> driver (DrvNetSniffer).

Actually, I need to do more than logging. I need to implement some
kind of communication FIFOs under VBox, to solve an application
specific problem (actually, it's just an otimization for a problem).
My idea is to use FIFOs to communication between Guest OSs, but it's
not too simple like it looks like. I need to do a lot of operations
and verifications before the message be delivered. And, the most
important thing, avoid the use of network interfaces to communication
between guests. I read the documentation that says that VBox make some
otimizations while communicating over "internal networks", but i need
something more.

I'll take a look at the filter driver. Thanks a lot for your help!

Excuse me for my poor english.



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