[vbox-dev] vbox networking interception

Sander van Leeuwen Sander.Vanleeuwen at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 25 17:54:32 GMT 2008

See VBoxManage -nictrace -nictracefile. This enables logging of all 
network packets flowing through the interface.
If you want to do more then just logging, you could extend the filter 
driver (DrvNetSniffer).

Valdir Stumm Junior wrote:
> Hi people,
> Firstly, I'll explain what I'm aiming to do. I need to intercept
> network packets sent by a VirtualBox Guest OS, to log the
> information(and do some transformation) if the communication is
> ocurring between two guest OSs running over VBox. But I want to
> intercept it before it pass through the TCP stack.
> So, my first solution was to read the VBox source code and find out
> how are made the network calls into vbox. If I'm not wrong, it's a
> task made by slirp, in the source code
> "vbox/src/VBox/Devices/Network/slirp/tcp_output.c" at "tcp_output"
> function.
> Then, to intercept the call to memcpy() made by "tcp_output" function,
> I'm using an interposition of memcpy, that logs the calls, gathering
> useful data to my logger.
> OK, let's directly to the problem. The interception is OK, but I'm
> having some trouble to identify precisely what is a tcp operation and
> what is not. I'm trying to identify a tcp header comparing the size of
> the tcphdr struct with the data being written with memcpy(), but it's
> not totally secure.
> Does anybody have some idea of how can I do this?
> regards,
> stumm.
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