[vbox-dev] Porting guest additions to Syllable

Turki Al-Marri turki.almarri at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 15:54:21 GMT 2007

Hi all,

First, let me thank you for this great product and congratulate you on
having Syllable 0.64, a new free open-source pure desktop system (no
terminals), working on your VM without any problems or special
configuration. Congratulations!

Now my questions are:
1) Where can we find documentation about guest additions so that it
could be ported to Syllable?
2) Will it be simple or a lot of work?
3) And can it be done partially (eg. just shared folders)?
4) How much does it integrate with the system? Is it a matter of
drivers and daemons or is there more?

PS: Here is Syllable's homepage: www.syllable.org. You'll find it
interesting ;-)

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