[vbox-dev] Basic Parallel Port support for VirtualBox

Knut St. Osmundsen bird at innotek.de
Mon Jul 16 16:27:44 GMT 2007

Hi Alexander,

Thanks a lot for the patch! I've applied it with some minor adjustments. 
I'll sync it over to the external svn later tonight.

Alexander Eichner wrote:
> For developers:
> I created a two new interfaces in pdm.h PDMIHOSTDEVICECONNECTOR and
> PDMIHOSTDEVICEPORT to support a IOCtl command but maybe it is possible
> to enhance the PDMICHAR interface to support it so that the user can
> decide if he wants to log the output of the guest device to a file or to
> control a host device.

Adding a bi-directional version of the PDMICHAR interface would be an 
option (if it makes sense), and/or having the parallel port device fall 
back on the PDMICHAR interface if it cannot find something better.

The ioctl wrapper is fine for development, but for I would prefer that a 
final implementation uses a parallel port specific driver/device 
interface instead of it.

Kind Regards,

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