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Solaris guest kernel panic with ctf_modopen => Fixed in SVN

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Component: other Version: VirtualBox 4.1.2
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Guest type: Solaris Host type: other

Description (last modified by Ramshankar Venkataraman)

Solaris guest debug kernel panic:

assertion failed: MUTEX_HELD(&mod_lock), file: ../../common/ctf/ctf_mod.c, line:

> $C                                  
ffffff00029fe5a0 vpanic()
ffffff00029fe5e0 assfail+0x89(fffffffff8232dc0, fffffffff8232de8, 9d)
ffffff00029fe6e0 ctf_modopen+0x19a(fffffffffbcb8a58, ffffff00029fe6fc)
ffffff00029fe710 vbi_init+0x131()
ffffff00029fe730 rtR0InitNative+0x15()
ffffff00029fe760 RTR0Init+0x28()
ffffff00029fe790 _init+0x13()
ffffff00029fe7c0 modinstall+0x11e(ffffff00ae42fa10)
ffffff00029fe810 mod_hold_installed_mod+0x84(ffffff00abf6d968, 1, 0, ffffff00029fe82c)
ffffff00029fe870 modrload+0xd1(fffffffffbfe8640, ffffff00a5d8c260, 0)
ffffff00029fe890 modload+0x18(fffffffffbfe8640, ffffff00a5d8c260)
ffffff00029fe8d0 mod_hold_dev_by_major+0x94(11b)
ffffff00029fe8f0 ndi_hold_driver+0x2a(ffffff00a6196008)
ffffff00029fe920 probe_node+0x3b(ffffff00a6196008)
ffffff00029fe970 i_ndi_config_node+0x136(ffffff00a6196008, 6, 0)
ffffff00029fe9a0 i_ddi_attachchild+0x6e(ffffff00a6196008)
ffffff00029fe9e0 devi_attach_node+0x10e(ffffff00a6196008, 4000)
ffffff00029fea40 config_immediate_children+0xf5(ffffff00a6197748, 4000, ffffffff)
ffffff00029fea90 devi_config_common+0xa6(ffffff00a6197748, 4000, ffffffff)
ffffff00029fead0 ndi_devi_config+0x3a(ffffff00a6197748, 4000)
ffffff00029fec20 dv_filldir+0x7a(ffffff00aa9e5bc0)
ffffff00029fed80 devfs_readdir+0x113(ffffff00ab3a6400, ffffff00029fee40, ffffff00a70f9008, ffffff00029fee2c, 0, 0)
ffffff00029fee10 fop_readdir+0xe8(ffffff00ab3a6400, ffffff00029fee40, ffffff00a70f9008, ffffff00029fee2c, 0, 0)
ffffff00029feeb0 getdents64+0xd5(3, fede4000, 2000)
ffffff00029fef00 _sys_sysenter_post_swapgs+0x237()
> ffffff00abf6d968/s
0xffffff00abf6d968:             drv/vboxguest

The problem is that the vboxguest driver is calling the ctf_modopen without the mod_lock mutex being held. This is a problem in the source code of


It does a mod_hold_by_name() which sets the mod_busy but does not hold the mutex: mod_lock

Change History (7)

comment:1 by Frank Mehnert, 12 years ago

Description: modified (diff)
Guest type: otherSolaris

comment:2 by Ramshankar Venkataraman, 12 years ago

Thanks a lot for the report, I'll take a look at this.

comment:3 by Ramshankar Venkataraman, 12 years ago

mod_hold_by_name() takes the mod_lock and releases it before it returns. So we're fine there.

The problem is ctf_modopen() is asserting that mod_lock is to be held. To me, this assertion seems to be incorrect.

Essentially the mod_lock protects access to mod_busy (among others) which we should be fine with since we bump/lower the reference count (via mod_hold_by_name() & mod_release_mod()). I don't see a reason why ctf_*() functions need to worry about the mod_lock here. While I can make the assertion pass by using the mod_lock between the ctf_modopen() call, it doesn't look right.

I'll try to confirm this with someone from the Solaris team.

comment:4 by ChrisBeal, 12 years ago

The semantics of ctf_modopen() is that you to hold the mod_lock before calling it. In this case you are updating the mod structure with the uncompressed CTF data. If another thread were to unload the module while you were doing so, it would panic the system. Admittedly unlikely given the module you're working on is genunix, but this is a generic function.

It's good to see you're using CTF to get the correct offsets of structures, but not many places are using these apis. At the moment they're consolidation private. We need to look at making these more formally available.

comment:5 by Ramshankar Venkataraman, 12 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

Thanks for the clarification Chris, I see what you mean with kobj_set_ctf(). I've fixed the code to hold mod_lock across ctf_modopen(). The fix has been backported to 4.1, 4.0 and 3.2 VirtualBox branches.

comment:6 by Ramshankar Venkataraman, 12 years ago

Summary: Solaris guest kernel panic with ctf_modopenSolaris guest kernel panic with ctf_modopen => Fixed in SVN

comment:7 by Frank Mehnert, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fix is part of VBox 4.1.10.

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