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Apr 30, 2007 12:12:10 PM (17 years ago)
Dmitry A. Kuminov

toshi3_tanaka, thank you a lot for these corrections! You have a hawk eye, please keep going :)

medber and adrian5632, thank you for providing translations! Now please license them properly to let us include your translations to the prodict (details are here. Medber, this also relates to you because in your previous license statement you didn't mention your full name (it must match the translator name in the .ts file!) and we don't have your e-mail (either put it here in the encrypted form or send to info{at} if you want to keep privacy).

All language files have been transparently updated to correct English typos found by toshi3_tanaka, a couple of phrases with corrected English spelling have been marked "untranslated" (to make sure you check them). Arabic and Polish languages have been added to SVN.


  • Ticket #234 – Description

    v63 v72  
    1414||''language''||''id''||''authors''||''legal status''||''%%''||
    1515||English (built-in)||built_in||!InnoTek||OK (internal)||100%||
    16 ||German||de||!InnoTek||OK (internal)||???||
     16||German||de||!InnoTek||OK (internal)||99%||
    1717||Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)||zh_TW||Wei-Lun Chao||'''not licensed! '''||???||
    1818||Chinese (China)||zh_CN||'''victor?'''||'''not licensed! '''||???||
    1919||Portuguese (Brazil)||pt_BR||'''!KhaoticMind?'''||''no results yet''||???||
    20 ||Italian (Italy)||it_IT||Ciro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>||OK (comment:24)||???||
     20||Italian (Italy)||it_IT||Ciro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>||OK (comment:24)||60%||
    2121||Romanian||ro||Alexandru Ioan Eftimie <alexeftimie/>||OK (comment:25)||99%||
    2222||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:28)||30%||
    23 ||Arabic||ar||'''medber?'''||''no results yet''||???||
     23||Arabic||ar||Berdai Mohammed '''(no e-mail)'''||'''needs relicensing'''||25%||
    2424||Russian||ru||Igor Gorbounov, Egor Morozov, !InnoTek||(comment:52, comment:47)||98%||
    2525||Slovenian||sl||'''JLP?'''||''no results yet''||???||
    2626||French||fr||Jean-Jacques Sarton <jj.sarton/>||OK (comment:33)||98%||
    2727||Japanese (Japan)||ja_JP||Toshimitsu Tanaka||'''partly OK''' (comment:62), need a license for !VirtualBox_ja_JP.ts when it's done||???||
     28||Polish||pl||Adrian Łubik '''(no e-mail)'''||'''not licensed! '''||5%||

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