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    55There's a bit more info than this though.  I think it has something to do with how gnome is handling an X windows session.  I don't use graphical sessions a lot, but I seem to recall that when using them, ''tty0'' is where '''GDM''' (the login screen) is displayed.  After logging in to the windows manager, the desktop manager *replaced* '''GDM''' on ''tty0'', and your session continued from there.   Now, however, on Fedora 23, when I login to '''GDM''' on ''tty0'', a new Xorg/GNOME session spawns on ''tty1'', and the terminal switches there.   At this point, the mini-toolbar dissapears.   However, if I '''<ctrl>-<alt> F1''', I go back to ''tty0'', and '''GDM''', and I see the mini-toolbar.   If I then '''<ctrl>-<alt> F3''', I go to a normal getty login prompt on ''tty2'', and I can see the mini-toolbar.  When I '''<ctrl>-<alt> F2''', back to ''tty1'', the mini-toolbar is missing.   This may have something more to do with gnome than VBox, but I don't know much about how VBox handles switching between ttys.  It could also be that I somehow misconfigured Xorg when I was trying to get acceleration working (or perhaps this is how 3D acceleration is handled)?
    7 Do any other users experience this behavior when switching TTYs in their Linux guest?
     7Do any other users experience this behavior when switching TTYs in their Linux guest?   For now my workaround will just be to switch to tty0 when I need to use the toolbar.  Also of note, if I start the VM in detachable mode, I do not have this problem.

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