[vbox-dev] VBoxHeadless: Libgcrypt warning: missing initialization - please fix the application

John Lumby jlumby at bluecatnetworks.com
Mon Sep 20 17:43:18 GMT 2021

Apologies,   I missed your response to this question.

> Hi John,
> On 2021-08-18 03:15, John Lumby wrote:
> > The subject warning is logged once in my syslog for every VBoxHeadless startvm that I run.
> > I see it on two different systems  -  one running  6.1.20 from a distro,  other running  6.1.22   which I built from the OSE.
> > On that 6.1.22 one,  My libgcrypt version is libgcrypt-1.9.3     --   lib is  libgcrypt.so.20.3.3
> This smells like some distros have invented a way to use libgcrypt as 
> the implementation for libcrypto. Possibly indirectly by using GnuTLS as 
> an OpenSSL drop-in replacement through the gnutls-openssl library.
> VirtualBox definitely doesn't use libgcrypt directly.
I doubt that libgcrypt is being used as a replacement for libcrypto,      but I am guessing that one of the audio/video media libs might​ be using libgrypt.
> You're correct. There is no direct reference.
> Which distribution do you use? Wonder if the distro or you are making 
> any funny tricks to replace OpenSSL with GnuTLS? Because VirtualBox so 
> far is tested with "the real deal" only. Anything else is uncharted 
> territory.
> Klaus

But to answer your question,   the distro I use is archlinux.
It really is not important,  just wondered if you had seen it.

Cheers,   John Lumby

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