[vbox-dev] linux autostart/stop enhancements

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Sun Dec 5 16:13:37 GMT 2021

On December 5, 2021 3:37:28 AM UTC, "G. Paul Ziemba" <pz-vbox-dev at ziemba.us> wrote:
>I've done a little work on the linux autostart/stop scripts to
>support a per-user settings file ${VBOXAUTOSTART_DB}/${usr}.cfg
>to allow mainly for setting VBOX_USER_HOME in case it is not
>the default.
>Should I post a preliminary diff here for comment?
>I'm also thinking of adding some more robust VM shutdown processing
>that would wait for VMs to actually stop (or time out) before allowing
>the host shutdown to proceed. I've been running stable code to do that
>on FreeBSD for several years and it ought to be straightforward to port
>to Linux.

On a similar note (shameless plug), there is https://github.com/jimklimov/vboxsvc for Solaris/illumos SMF integration, so these hosts can register and run (and track health of) VMs as individual service instances/units (in systemd'ish speak) - so each VM can have a separate place in dependency graph, etc.

Sadly, it never got featured along phpVirtualbox and other neat projects on the main page ;(

I suppose it would not be too hard to abstract SMF code to plug in similar systemd concepts to cover both bases; I've done similar in NUT, shell is quite OOP friendly ;)


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