[vbox-dev] linux autostart/stop enhancements

G. Paul Ziemba pz-vbox-dev at ziemba.us
Sun Dec 5 03:37:28 GMT 2021

I've done a little work on the linux autostart/stop scripts to
support a per-user settings file ${VBOXAUTOSTART_DB}/${usr}.cfg
to allow mainly for setting VBOX_USER_HOME in case it is not
the default.

Should I post a preliminary diff here for comment?

I'm also thinking of adding some more robust VM shutdown processing
that would wait for VMs to actually stop (or time out) before allowing
the host shutdown to proceed. I've been running stable code to do that
on FreeBSD for several years and it ought to be straightforward to port
to Linux.

G. Paul Ziemba
FreeBSD unix:
 7:36PM  up 3 days,  4:17, 9 users, load averages: 0.27, 0.21, 0.20

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