[vbox-dev] Fixes for API changes in kernel 4.20

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Wed Nov 21 15:10:50 GMT 2018

On 11/21/18 3:12 AM, Michael Thayer wrote:
> 21.11.18 02:24, Larry Finger wrote:
>> Michael,
>> I really like your approach to testing for features in a manner that
>> will be less affected by distros backporting API changes. Unfortunately,
>> code patched using your version fails to build under kernel 4.20.0-rcX.
>> As I noted, the get_settings member of struct ethtool_ops, is renamed
>> get_link_ksettings, and the callback method is changed. Your patch does
>> not handle this change. This results in the error
>> /usr/src/kernel-modules/virtualbox/src/vboxnetadp/linux/VBoxNetAdp-linux.c:135:6:
>> error: ‘const struct ethtool_ops’ has no member named ‘get_settings’;
>> did you mean ‘get_strings’?
>>       .get_settings       = vboxNetAdpEthGetSettings,
>>        ^~~~~~~~~~~~
>>        get_strings
> Hello Larry,
> I am slightly confused there, as I did not change the VBoxNetAdp-linux.c
> patch at all, but left your patch to it unchanged, and it looks like the
> patch still does get_link_ksettings() for 4.20.

I thought your patch was a complete replacement for mine. In any case, as Alexy 
stated, mine is wrong. I will be very interested in his replacement.


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