[vbox-dev] Fixes for API changes in kernel 4.20

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Wed Nov 21 15:09:01 GMT 2018

On 11/21/18 1:23 AM, Aleksey Ilyushin wrote:
> Hello Larry,
> Thanks a lot for your patch. I do have an issue with it though. I think ‘get_link_ksettings’ callback is supposed to return the link settings in the new format, so ‘vboxNetAdpEthGetSettings’ should allocate the old structure, fill it out, then call a function that does the opposite of what ‘convert_link_ksettings_to_legacy_settings’ does, thus filling the new structure provided in the parameters, then free the old structure. Currently the patch does not modify the output structure at all. It looks like you had ’setter’ in mind when implementing this. If you agree I’ll go forward and modify the patch, then apply it.


You are right. I do a lot of work, and then throw it away. When you get it done, 
I would like to see the correct result.


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