[vbox-dev] Seamless mode is broken on 5.2.x (X11 guest on X11 host)

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Mon Jan 15 19:10:53 GMT 2018

Hi All,

It seems that seamless mode is broken when using 5.2.x as a host,
I've tested this with both 5.2.2 host + guest as well as
with a 5.2.4 host + guest.

This is with the official vbox host RPM packages on top of F27
x86_64 running a GNOME3 session in Xorg mode, with a F27
x86_64 guest also running a GNOME3 session in Xorg mode.

There are 2 problems:
-1 the coordinates seem to be off, see e.g. :
-The window does not refresh if I type something in the
  terminal then it does not show, until I leave seamless
  mode again.

Both problems go away if I downgrade the host to 5.1.30,
while keeping the guest-additions at 5.2.2 (not tested
with 5.2.4).



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